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Back To Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival!!!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

After the long hiatus from the festival circuit after the Covid-19 shutdowns we are finally gearing up to see everyone once again at this years Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival located right here in Des Moines, Iowa!!!

As notably one of our biggest events of the year we pride ourselves on being a part of this immaculate experience by sponsoring the grounds and bringing one of our biggest displays of locally crafted art and local talent out to spread the culture!

A magical time awaits you at Kosmic Kingdom! Liquid Stranger X2 / LSDREAM / Rusko + many more on top-tier sound with mesmerizing art, food, activities + camping at Sleepy Hollow, our Renaissance themed park.

Don't miss your chance at a once in a lifetime experience of music, magic and medieval! Located in the heart of Des Moines at the renaissance grounds this festival brings a mixture of culture unlike anywhere else in the country! With the industries hottest talents hitting the stage August 27th & 28th this is absolutely the place to be for two days of camping and raging!

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