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Application For Temporary Electricity Connection In Kerala jaladar




The application will be reviewed by the Department of National Security for approval and the required fee will be paid online or by cheque. There will be a 72-hour period from the time the service connection is approved to the expiry date of the connection. An approved service connection means that the DNS will issue the Service Connection Certificate (SCC). An SCC will be issued for one year from the date it is granted. The service provider will be required to submit his/her service connection application to the DNS every year. If the service provider fails to submit his/her application, the service connection will be cancelled and the service provider will lose his/her service connection. The service provider must keep the DNS informed of any change in address to avoid service connection cancellation. Complaints {#Sec14} ========== Any customer who has a complaint or comments on the provision of a service by the DNS, or a financial dispute with the DNS, can lodge a complaint by contacting the Department of National Security (DNS) through the Email Contact Address given on the front page of the Website or through one of the following methods: A complaint must be made as soon as possible so that the matter can be investigated as soon as possible. Disputes must be made within 3 months from the date on which the service was provided. If this is not possible, the customer must state the reason why and the DNS will decide whether to accept the complaint or not. In the event of the DNS not accepting the complaint, the customer will be informed of this decision. In all circumstances, the customer must be informed as to the DNS decision and the reasoning for this decision. The DNS may accept or reject a complaint by a customer, or may take any other action if the complaint does not meet the requirements set out in this Section. Complaints or disputes about Service Connection Fees {#Sec15} ---------------------------------------------------- Any customer who pays service connection fees in advance who then has a complaint or dispute about the service connection fee, must make this complaint or dispute in writing to the DNS within 3 months of the date on which the service connection fee was paid. The DNS will investigate the matter and take any action it considers necessary. The DNS may accept or reject a complaint or dispute about Service Connection Fees and the DNS decision will be




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Application For Temporary Electricity Connection In Kerala jaladar

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