Yocan - Dive

Yocan - Dive

The Yocan Dive Vaporizer is a dab pen that is set to break barriers and transcend boundaries in the vaping industry. While it looks and feels like most dab pen, it surely functions differently. It's an electronic nectar collector which lets you vape wax concentrates directly from the container. While it saves time – and material – from having to transfer wax from jar to chamber, it also saves you from the trouble of having to clean what could be leftovers and material buildups from using an otherwise traditional heating element.  

 The secret lies within its touch style coils, made from medical-grade components, these unique coils can easily be used to dab straight into your concentrate bowl like you would with your average nectar collector. However, instead of using titanium nails that are heated with a butane-based blow torch, the Yocan Dive allows you to experience the same vaping style without the risks of using a haphazard tool.  


As today's dab pens become smarter, they also become safer for both the environment and the user. This Yocan device helps you do away with the risks of potentially burning yourself or your friends would you be doing a group session. The risks of using a blow torch halfway high can be serious. By using an electronic nectar collector, you can still enjoy the same one-handed operation. Using the Yocan Dive wax pen means that you can dab right out of your wax container, allowing you to take more concentrates at the same time and do it without using a dab tool. In terms of prep time and portability, nectar collectors lead the game. It's also one of the most preferred means of dabbing by most concentrate consumers since less concentrates go to waste and one can easily monitor how much concentrate they've used since you can virtually see the concentrates straight from the container as they vaporize.  


The Yocan Dive dab pen improves upon the traditional nectar collector, not only in providing users a torch less means of dabbing but it expands your vaping horizon by sporting three preset temperature profiles. You can now choose from either low, medium, or high, Each temperature profile is adjusted to fit your vaping needs. For those who want to get the most flavorful clouds of vapor, the low heat setting will prove to be the most appropriate, it facilitates low and slow burning which lets your favorite concentrate vaporize and yield smoother, flavorful, milky hits. While vapor production in low-temp dabs aren't exactly the best, its mild and subtle effects are perfect for those seeking light euphoria to help them get through their day. The high-temperature profile, on the other hand, yields thick vapor and bears intensified effects. The mild temperature setting creates the perfect balance of flavor and vapor, so whatever your preference is, the Yocan Dive has got you covered.  


The Yocan Dive vaporizer gives you the best of what a nectar collector and a portable wax pen vaporizer can do. With the Yocan Dive, you can take advantage of the convenience of using a nectar collector and the versatility of using a wax pen vaporizer. Get the best of what both worlds can offer without having to purchase extra accessories, only with the Yocan Dive. 


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