Eyce - Silicone Rig Kit

Eyce - Silicone Rig Kit

SKU: 662225889268

Eyce Silicone pipes go the extra mile when it comes to design, color, and functionality. Even though these pieces are made with silicone, they are still modeled after their glass counterpart in every way. Each pipe has reinforced walls, bump protection and a spot to keep the stainless steel tool that's included.

The Eyce Dab Rig has a bent neck that is easy to hit and the included titanium nail may be old-school, but it's impossible to break. These rigs come apart for easy storage and cleaning. The color pallets on these rigs are outrageous. Each swirl of detail is bright and explodes with colors.



  • Approximate Height: 8 in
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Includes titanium Nail
  • Bottom of pipe has storage
  • Includes metal dab tool
  • Durable silicone

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