Kosmic Kingdom Kicks Off The Summer Shenanigans!

Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival returns to the Sleepy Hollow Renaissance Park this May 29th and 30th for another year of badass stage theatrics and brain melting bass to the face with an even bigger and badder lineup than ever before!

As usual, we here at Unkl Ruckus's Smoking Emporium & Skate Shop will be partaking in our usual sponsorship of the event and can not wait to be a part of all the action this year as the event gets even bigger and better!

For anyone who might be a little behind the curve on this one we threw the festivals page link down below if you are feeling a little adventurous and want to give it a look this year. Just don't wait too long cause price increases are happening more and more frequently and we would hate for you to miss your chance to score tickets for the low!

Hope to see everyone out at Sleepy Hollow for another amazing year!

- The Ruckus Crew

- Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival Website

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