A Pyros Bliss

Ever wondered what its like to be behind the flame and get a first hand look at the daily lives of the artists making your glass smoking apparatuses? Well now you can!

Give @Vann_Slam or @HulaGlass a follow on Instagram and follow our very own in house glass artists as they build their skillsets and collaborate with artists all over the city of Des Moines to put Iowa on the map for high quality American made glass!

Be on the look out for updated videos and events lists where you might just catch one of them in action out in the public eye as we gear up to add more and more glass demos to our regular summertime events lineup! The first being the Middle Of The Map Tattoo Convention June 19th - 21st.

These guys are working diligently in preparations for an amazing year and we cant do it without you so please check out our videos, share them and tell your friends to help make 2020 a year to remember!

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